Bakke Solutions, LLC

Bakke Solutions is a consulting firm with expertise in the IT industry offering solutions that fit businesses of any size. Whether your organization has interest in one, a combination of, or all of our key partnerships, we can craft strategic solutions for your business. The Bakke Team has the proven ability to think outside the box to bridge the gap between IT and business initiatives.


Bakke Solutions Professional Services

World class professional services. Phone and onsite support. Time and material and project based engagements.

Design and Architecture

Building a personalized experience to craft an IT design that meets business objectives.

Cloud Services

Private, Hosted, Public Cloud or Fog we can help with your cloud initiatives.


Many of our products and solutions are offered in an MSP model. Ask us how we can enhance your IT capabilites.

Health Checks

Third party verification of system health is a good practice and reassurance for stake holders. Scheduled healthchecks will assist in maintaining a higher level of service and reduce downtime.


Assisting businesses meet and comply with the complexity and necessity of audits including various security, PCI, HIPAA as well as third party verification of compliance with a companies own internal policy.